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Daisy has been part of the blogging world for over 7 years and loves pastel colours, travel and nice cup of tea


We will hand select only the best items from indie designers and food makers around the UK.

We'll also go behind-the-scenes and share their story, revealing the journey behind everything we sell.


My many years on the internet have led me to stumble across lots of independent designers.

We love supporting small and up and coming businesses. So, we decided to create Indiecana, a lifestyle boutique where we can host our favourite designers.

Through Indiecana we'll explore new ways to help you find the perfect things to suit your home, or the ideal gift for that special someone.

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Are your lovingly-crafted products the perfect fit for Indiecana?

If you want to know what sort of feel and themes we're eager to stock, just take a look at our Pinterest boards to get a feel for what we love.

If you think your products will be a good fit for Indiecana, then please send Daisy an email to and let us know!